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Perks For Owning A Cat: 12 Ultimate Benefits

You’ve come to the right place if your looking for benefits of owning a cat! These 12 Perks For Owning A Cat are what I think the best perks for any kitty owner – and if you own a cat yourself you may definitely agree! These ultimate benefits of owning a cat are perfect to read if you are deciding to get a cat for yourself or your family.

The Benefits And Perks For Owning A Cat

Cats are low maintenance – These furry creatures are great at cleaning and looking after themselves with a litter box. If you don’t have the time to invest in a dog or other active animals, then a cat could be a great pet for you. They need just as much love, but less walking on a leash!

Your house stays clean from creepy crawlies – Yep, that spider you know hiding in the corner? Your cat would eat him in an instant. That fly in the kitchen? Caught in seconds! Cats love movement from small fast things, which keeps them also active and alert.

They’re independent – Cats are always there for you when you need them most, and stay independent for the rest of the time. They like to do their thing, such as playing with their toys or hiding in boxes.

They Keep you fit  – So they might be independent, but they are also in need of playtime! Activities such as hide and seek, chasing some string, waving around a toy on a stick, peek-a-boo, and other crazy thing you can think of.

Our cat Szila is an active breed of cat, so she enjoys at least two or three play times a day with us. This means we are running around the house with string, throwing toys or playing in a cardboard box!

They are the perfect alarm clock – Cats naturally follow the routine of their humans, so if you go to bed, they follow you to bed, if you are eating, they want to eat too. For waking up however, it is often the case that the cat may be awake before you and watching you, waiting for you to wake up too. You could call it a somewhat stalker mode. They may even try waking you up, such as meowing, climbing over you, playing with their noisy toys or something weird like smelling your hair.

They’re (mostly) quiet – If you often work from home and are on calls all day, a cat is ideal for owning. As well as cleaning and some playing, they mostly sleep for up to 12-16 hours a day. If only we could sleep for 16 hours!?

Reduces stress and anxiety – This one is in my opinion one of the top perks of owning a cat. Not only are people usually more relaxed with an animal around the house, they can also help destress you when you’re feeling over the edge.

You’ll have a healthier heart – Of course a cat can’t cure everything, but they can heal a broken heart. Or at least have a healthier one.  This perk ties in with the lower stress and anxiety levels one above. Petting a cat for 2 minutes can already help relax, distract your mind to calm down and allow you to refocus your thoughts.

Reduces any feelings of loneliness – If your home alone, a cat is a great companion to feel less lonely. Not all cats like to cuddle and sit on your lap, but just having one at home will make you feel all warm and cosy inside. Its always cute and loveable to see a kitty asleep on your blanket, jumper or in a strange place like the bathroom sink.

They will keep you alert – Remember that pen on the table? that lip-seal on your nightstand? that remote control on the sofa? it will be likely all on the floor. Cats love to push things around very delicately. They don’t to do any harm to these things (usually) and so its just the curious side of the cat showing. The curious side of cats is always fun to experience.

You can send cat photos to everyone – We totally see this as one of the perks for owning a cat. You will be welcomed into a whole new world of cat community, where sharing photos, stories and videos is totally acceptable if there’s a cat in it.

P.s we are looking for cat guest bloggers!

They will make sure you spend money – Whether it’s on new cat toys for them or new clothes for you, cats love boxes. Your heart will melt every time delivery person will bring a new package with a brand new box for your cat. Which ultimately may make you buy new items just for the boxes. They love them. No matter if there is something in them or not, but preferably empty. Plus size doesn’t matter, they try to fit in every size!

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So now what, are you convinced and want a kitty of your own? We hope these perks and benefits help you decide if a cat is right for you. It’s a big decision after all to have a furry animal depend on you, so make sure you research all aspects like the costs, what you need and other topics alongside our perks.

Thank you for reading my Perks For Owning A Cat post!

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