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Our Kitty Szila

Our Kitty Szila isn’t like a normal cat. She’s what you can call a ‘strong independent woman’ in cat form. She came into my life when I moved in with my boyfriend. So it’s technically his cat, but she seems to like me too! But I’ll let her introduce herself below as she can’t wait to meet you all herself!

Szila The Cat

Hello! Meow! I’m Szila!

I was born in the Netherlands in May 2019 and my papa gave me a sweet loving home as soon as I was big enough to venture on my own. I lived with him and his lovable sister for at least year, who was my first cat mama. His girlfriend came along after that and became my second cat mama – who now writes this for me (since I have paws – duh!).

My Schedule

I wake up as soon as my owners alarm goes off, but sometimes I surprise them a little earlier for the fun of it. I dont think they appreciate it, but I dont care ‘cuz I’m a cat. I’m not one for climbing on the bed on top of them, but I like to sit and stare at them until they get up.

Breakfast is around 7.30/8am and I usually eat it all straight away, unless its not my favourite flavour then I leave a bit until later. I try to meow at my papa for the best flavours but I dont think he understands.

After food we play, or scratch, or cause terror as my owners call it! I’m a very active cat so I love running around the house at least 50kph and jumping on the bed. I’ve recently also worked out how to jump on a high new cupboard, thats a great advantage point. My owners work from home so I get lots of attention in between their meetings (as well as sitting on their laptops when they eat and drink human stuff).

Once I’ve burned all the energy all morning, I need to take a nap. My favourite place is on the sofa, where two cushions meet together – you can find me in the middle! However I also like laying on the bed, which is super soft with my favourite yellow duvet cover with cats on. I usually sleep until at least 4 or 5pm when it’s my feeding time again.

Since dinner time is always busy, I usually eat and then do my own thing. I’m pretty independent anyway and love to chase my catnip mice around and climb around the house looking for new plants to play with.

Before bedtime, which is around 10pm, I get lots of extra playtime and some cuddles. I don’t enjoy cuddles all day, but before bed my owners sneak in a cuddle when I least expect it. I secretly love it, but I don’t allow them cuddle me too much else they may think that they are the bosses in the house. When we all know its actually me…

My Travels

I’m not a fan of travelling, but I have already lived in many places in my young years. I started life living in an apartment in Rotterdam, Netherlands with a view of the river – this was fantastic as I loved watching the boats and people below. Then I moved to Eindhoven, Netherlands, which was cool but the view was just a car park. No complaints though as there were still plenty of birds to watch. From there I went to another house in Eindhoven, where I enjoyed a kitty-staycation for a few months with friends.

Then I went international, with a 2 month holiday to Luxembourg! The city was beautiful and I loved learning French with the locals. Finally I am now in Maastricht – the most southern city in the Netherlands. It’s cool, right in the city center and I can smell the local bakery every day!

My Hobbies and Interests

So as well as knocking things off tables daily, drinking water from any glass and hiding in boxes, I also like:

  • Yoga & lots of stretching
  • (Tries to) Eat plastic
  • Love putting my head over the balcony edge for the best view
  • I scratch everything except the scratching posts
  • Only meows at my papa when I’m hungry, because my mama actually keeps track of what I eat and thinks I eat too many treats!
  • I love sitting in the bath (only when empty though!)
  • Always plays with the plants
  • Climbing the washing line
  • Sleeps in the weirdest positions
  • Addicted to Catnip

Thank you for reading our lovable post about Szila The Cat!

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