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Most Interesting Netflix Series To Binge On During 2021

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Are you looking for new Netflix inspiration? Great! As these most interesting Netflix shows to binge are our top recommendations for you for 2021. From a cosy night on the sofa, to hiding under the blanket, there’s a series for everyones preferred choice to watch. So go grab some popcorn, a drink, and check out our recommendations below.

Netflix Series To Binge On


This is by far one of the best heartwarming series I have watched on Netflix in a long time – and I recommend it to everyone. As a big fan of Ricky Gervais, I was a little unsure at first how this series would turn out. Since I feel his live comedy is very different to shows he plays. But after two episodes I was hooked. With laugher to tears, I think it’s an important series to watch as it makes you also think about life differently, in a good way. Highly recommended!


Who doesn’t love a good classic? Did you ever watch them all? Start from the beginning for 2021 with this classic series. I started from the very beginning in 2020, and I’m making good progress through all episodes. I love that they are short, allowing you to easy watch one while cooking dinner, during a lunch break (since I work from home) or a few before bed time.


This series is filmed in France and has a great twist of storyline to follow. If you like Sherlock Holmes stories, then this series is also for you! The main character is inspired by ‘gentleman thief’ themed stories written by Maurice Leblanc from 1905. Similar mysterious stories of a gentleman as well as a thief, carrying out tricks and thefts of valuable items. The first series has only 5 episodes, all filmed in Paris, specifically with the first one based around the Louvre.  

At one part of the Series, the main characters are travelling to Etretat in France – If you are curious about visiting the beautiful location, check out this other post

New Amsterdam

This medical drama series is originally based on the book by Eric Manheimer, called Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital. The series follows the new director in charge of one of the oldest hospitals in America. His personality and character is brilliant in the series. Even with his own health issues that get unsurfaced, the changes he makes in the hospital for the patients makes it a great series to binge on. However if you don’t like blood, medical scenes or needles, I wouldn’t recommend this. 


This series is filmed in Luxembourg, so I personally had to check it out after spending two months there in Jan and Feb 2021.  I’m not completely finished yet, so cannot give a full review, but so far I can definitely recommend it. It has reached the top to watch when it first came out too, so it must be highly rated by others too! 

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Thank you for checking out our recommendations for these Netflix series to binge on this year!

We hope you enjoy them!

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