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Kitchen Tips And Tricks: Essential Kitchen Hacks You Should Learn

Kitchen Tips and Tricks 

Are you wanting to up your game when in the Kitchen? Looking for the best Kitchen Tips And Tricks? You’ve come to the right place! We have rounded up all the best shared secrets for keeping your kitchen in order, those silly tricks that have been passed down through generations and some fun suggestions too!

Kitchen Tips and Tricks

Take the spoon out of the sink before you turn the tap on

So this one is more of a fun tip than anything! If you’re like me, you will know that water will go everywhere except in the sink when there is a sneaky spoon in the sink area already.

Your pot won’t boil over with a wooden spoon on top

If you place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot, the pot will never boil over. This is a great tip that I learnt as a kid and somehow not always known by others!

Stainless Steel can get rid of those unwanted smells

Did you know that rubbing your hands on stainless steel removes the smell of garlic, onion and chilli residue from your hands? Of course we don’t want to recommend everyone now try and rub their hands on their best stainless steel knives, so we suggest this stainless steel “soap” that is cheap and works just as well!

Never cook with a bad mood, you will enjoy the food less

No matter how hard you try, the food won’t taste good (or as good) if you are in a bad mood. Give in to a takeaway night instead. Another way of putting it is, cook with love and passion and your food will always be amazing.

When piping chocolate, melt it in the disposable bag

If you pop a few chocolate squares directly into a disposable piping bag, lie it in a dish over boiling water and it melts in the bag. Then all you need to do is snip the end off and drizzle over the cake or brownies you just made! This means that you wont be scraping chocolate out of a bowl. Unless you like this (and with this i mean also licking out the bowl afterwards!)

Peel kiwi with a spoon…

If your kiwi’s are ready to eat, the easiest way to peel them is with a spoon. No need to get the cutting board or knife out. Else if you are like me, I cut them in half and then use a spoon to scoop out the kiwi, using the skin as the holder. Just like eating a hard boiled egg for brekkie.

… and peel ginger with a spoon too!

Yep, that funky ginger you bought from the supermarket can also be peeled with a spoon. It’s super easy to peel and no waste of the ginger itself. I wonder if there are more Kitchen Tips and Tricks that only involves a spoon!

Grate cheese at room temperature

Grating different types of cheese at room temperature will help your cheese not break into small chunks when pressed against the grater. This cheese grater is great (pun-intended) for not only grating a large piece of cheese, but also for storing it in the same container too!

Wash your onions

When you have some onions to chop, first remove the skin and then rinse them first, as well as your board and knife. When you make the first cut, this will avoid you in tears. The extra water from the rinsing helps your eyes rinse less!

The dishwasher doesn’t load and unload itself

Yep, unfortunately not. The best habit to get into is to clean up as you cook. Put things in the sink or dishwasher as soon as you know you wont need them anymore. That way these will already be out of the way for cooking and already in the right place for cleaning too.

There is always room for more garlic

Do you follow recipes to the exact amount when it comes to garlic? No me neither! the more the better when it comes to garlic. I love it! When I personally follow recipes with garlic, I can hardly taste it, hence how I always add more.

Let steak rest

Before it goes in the pan, get your steak to room temperature. This will help cook the steak just how you like it. Also let your steak sit a little while after, that way the juices can relax.

Peel potatoes easily

If you want an easy alternative for peeling your potatoes without using a peeler or wasting anything, put your potatoes in cold water. After at least 30 seconds you will already be able to peel them with your bare hands.

Summary of our Kitchen Tips and Tricks

As you can see above, there are some pretty interesting Kitchen Tips and Tricks that can be tried in your own kitchen. Maybe some of them you already know, such as passed down via your family members or discovered yourself.

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