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Cat Mama Series: Brotherly Love With Bas And Gijs

Cat Mama Series - Bas and Gijs

This sweet post about Bas and Gijs is written By Mirjam Hart from Een Goed Verhaal.

Since august last year we have two new roomies. The brothers Bas and Gijs were looking for a new home, because their mom was away often. Her home was too small for two cats who enjoy hunting and playing. She figured they were better off in a house with more living space and a possibility for the two boys to go outside. I saw a photo of Bas and Gijs and immediately fell in love with them.

Now they live with us: Mirjam and Bram and our kids Noah (15), Eli (6) and Filou (3). Bas and Gijs are the cutest and we love them to bits. Bas is a little goofy. He sometimes gets in trouble, by locking himself in the closet for instance. But lucky for him his brother Gijs is always alert and makes sure we are coming to the rescue by coming to us and nudging us in the right direction so we can set him free.


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Gijs already had a nickname: Houdini. He knows how to open doors and is always on the hunt for food. When they came to live with us, they were too heavy. After a strict diet they’ve reached their weight loss goal. Well, Bas has. But Gijs is still a little too heavy, which is a little odd because we give them the same amount of food. We know he always snoops around our kids, especially when we are eating and he is probably successful, because the little ones are known for dropping their food. We have to clean up after ourselves after each meal. Wipe everything clean and put things in the dishwasher. And we are planning on replacing the doors from our kitchen cabinets, because we caught Gijs some nights ago in with our breakfast storage.

Bas and Gijs both love cuddling. Bas is like a bull and pushes his head in our hands, no matter what we are doing. He has bumped our phones on our noses quite a few times. Gijs loves to be cradled like a baby and puts his paw dramatically in my face if he thinks he doesn’t get enough scratches. I love spoiling my cats. Of course snacks are not really an option now, but we have bought a lot of toys for them. They’re not really thankful, because a lot is unused. They love playing outside, cuddling with us and sleeping. And that’s it.

So now I have a new hobby: Looking for new cat furniture. I’ve found a cute secondhand basket that we keep under the stairs. They love it! On my wishlist are hexagon wall baskets and a new scratching post. Their third birthday is in May this year, so (don’t tell them yet) they can expect something like that. So even though the boys are full of mischief, we are very happy they joined our family.

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