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Cat Inspired Valentines Gifts: For Cat Lovers and Yourself

Our cat Szila with roses for Valentines

With Valentines just around the corner, step up your game this year with these Cat Inspired Valentines Gifts. These gifts include cat themed board games, cat journal stickers and of course cat themed books. There are so many to get inspired by, so this list shares the top gifts that are often bought each year by those who are in love with cat owners. 

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Cutest Cat Inspired Valentines Gifts

Cat Themed Valentines Card

If you search online, there are truly hundreds of cat themed cards to choose from. You can search for a personalised card via Etsy or find yourself a pretty cute one such as this one below. We love the design and cheeky text – perfect for anyone with a good sense of humour.

Cat Board Game

Exploding Kittens is just what you might be looking for. Its such a fun game to play as a couple, but great with friends too. There are so many action cards to challenge your loved ones, trying to avoid the ‘exploding kitty’ to win the game. This is one of my favourite board games that I discovered in 2020 and can highly recommend it. Bring our your competition side this valentines!

Cat Coffee/Tea Mug or Storage Pot

Blond Amsterdam is an Amsterdam based company that sells some of quirky table service in the Netherlands. Their cat collection is simply the cutest with items such as a tea/coffee mug and storage pot well worth having in your collection. They can be personalised with your name or nickname on too, perfect for any cat lovers valentines gift.

Cats Colouring Book

For the creative ones among us, this colouring for mindfulness book is totally cat themed. It has good quality and thick paper, which makes up to a total of 84 colouring pages. Its a good size for taking with you as well, such as on a relaxing weekend away or on a holiday!

Matching Key Rings

Everyone has a set of keys right? This keyring’s sweet design shows two cats linked together to make a near perfect circle. I’m a sucker for new key rings and if I know my loved one can have the matching other part then its the perfect little gift.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You Book

You may have heard of this one, as it has some fantastic reviews! This book ‘How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You‘ came out in 2012 but as a best seller its well worth checking out. Its highly popular to gift others with it too, which is why it made this list.

Cat Themed Socks

Socks are always a great practical gift, no matter what the occasion is. For Valentines however, treat your loved one with some cat themed socks. These adorable stripy socks have little cats peaking up from the heel, so wearing sneakers would totally show these off to your friends and family.

Valentines Cat House Decoration

All you need is love… and a cat. How true is that!? This cute valentines decoration is lovely to hang up somewhere in the house, such as in your hallway, kitchen or bathroom – Or above where the cat sleeps! A house full of love with a cat combined is the best house combination possible!

Cat Stickers

Is your loved one into journalling or scrapbooking? Or simply loves a sticker here and there? These cat themed stickers are some of many you can choose. They are great for A5 journalling and are of good sticker quality. I’ve totally ordered some for myself for this Valentines!

An ‘I Love My Cat’ Frame

This silver cat themed ‘I love my cat’ frame is the cutest to gift with a photo of the cat inside the frame already. A sweet gift for the owner to put up somewhere on one of their shelves. Though we cannot promise that the cat will not knock it over!

Cat Tank

So this one might be more for the cat than your loved one, but someone first needs to build it! So why not start it on Valentines! This useable kitty tank is great fun for you to build. The tank itself will likely get destroyed in no time by your cat, but totally worth the photos. Keep in mind the measurements, as it is more suitable for smaller cats.

Cushion With Cat Design

There are loads of cat themed cushion designs out in the world, but we came across this cushion design and loved it too much not to share with you. With the simple heart design and black and white cat, it can be mixed up with any colour theme. Making it a great combo for a gift idea!

Cat Face Mask

This one is definitely a must for any cat lover. Staying safe, healthy and happy is very important these days, but it’s also good to have an extra mask for when the others are in the wash. This kitty mask is cute and popular among cat mamas already. An easy gift to combine with something for Valentines!

What Your Cat Is Thinking Book

This book is the perfect read for understanding your cat better. We got this as a gift in 2020 to understand our cat Szila better, and loved the book itself. The book shares fascinating insights into what your cat is likely thinking during their daily activities and their behaviour to their actions. It’s an easy read for all ages.

Mini Cat’s Whiskers Planter

If your loved one is a plant lover as well as a cat lover, then combining both loves should inspire you to a cat themed planter. This cute ceramic plant pot is ideal for small plants such as cactuses, mini ferns and small safe cat plants. Else if you want a bigger version or a hanging pot, they have those too!

A Street Cat Named Bob Movie

Fancy a nice night in with your partner with a movie and dinner? A Street Cat Named Bob is a pretty cool cat themed movie to watch! It is based off a true story, with a ginger cat becoming best friends with a busker in London.

Cat Cookie Jar

This ceramic kitchen cat-with-heart cookie jar is ideal for your favourite biscuits (or the cats) and suitable to be on any kitchen counter without it getting knocked off by the cat. It has a decent size and also dishwasher proof, allowing for easy cleaning when needed.

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Cat Inspired Valentines Gifts Summary

I hope this post has inspired you with some Valentines Gift ideas for your loved one this year. All cat themed gifts are super cute and I could totally buy them all for myself. This post was fun to write, as I know these gifts can make others happy!

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