Cat Guest Blogger At Mama Ginger

Hello! Our shiny new website is open for Cat Guest Blogger/s to contribute in our upcoming Cat Mama blogpost series!

We’d love to hear about your Cat Mama experiences with your furry kitty! Do you have a cute kitty (or more) that deserves to be in the spotlight? See below the requirements for you to share a guest post on and what you can get in return!

What we would love from you and your guest post:

  • Minimum text of 400 words (but the longer the better!)
  • Share a little about yourself and then highlight something positive (or negative) about your cat/s** such as why you picked their name, a funny/cute story about them, their favourite toy, their best feature or their worst habit etc.
  • Minimum of 1 photo of your kitty/s (with you included if you want!) with a size no smaller than 700 width. If something higher res is submitted, we will resize it

What we will provide you in return:

  • A link directly back to your own website (if you have one)
  • A link directly back to your social media tag (e.g your Instagram feed)
  • Open to other links (please check with us if you want us to link to something else)

Our Rules

  • Clear English text with correct grammar
  • No duplicate content or plagiarism accepted
  • No profanity in text

To submit a guest post to us, please first reach out to us at mamagingernl [@] for a confirmation. We will then confirm to you how to submit easily.

For an example, check out all the other Cat Mama Series posts as well as own cat Szila!

P.s if you have any questions about being a Cat Guest Blogger first, feel free to also send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.